Athens' incredible historical heritage

Air France offers cheap plane fares for Athens. The Greek capital with a population of 3.7 million is worth the trip. You have to admit that it has a unique history. In fact, Athens is the symbol of Antiquity, where the foundations for democracy were laid for future republics. Great philosophers who participated actively in politics were born in Athens, several centuries before Christ, such as Aristotle who was born in 384 BC.
There remain emblematic monuments from that era, such as the agora, an important archeological site which, during Antiquity, was the city's main square, the seat of political activity. You can't miss the Parthenon either, perched on the Acropolis and dating back to 447 BC, dedicated to Athena, the city's protective goddess. Some other important monuments dedicated to ancient gods are the Theater of Dionysus and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
Some other must-sees attractions are the National Museum of Archeology and the New Acropolis Museum. The historical Plaka neighborhood, with its shaded winding streets is full of taverns where you can taste traditional Greek specialities such as cool ouzo, salad with feta cheese or savory stews.

Athens: modern transportation thanks to the 2004 Olympic Games

Although Athens is best-known for its ancient monuments, it is a very dynamic, upbeat, lively city. In 2004, the city came under the world's spotlight for the Summer Olympics. New infrastructures have dramatically changed the city over the past few years.
The tramway was launched in July 2004. There are other means of transportation like the subway, whose network has considerably expanded over the past years, as well as the bus and trolley system.
Driving in Athens, is quite a challenge: there are many one-way streets and taxis tend to stop without warning…
If you still wish to rent a car when you arrive, it is best to have an international driver's license. We can also suggest a selection of hotels, unless you prefer to purchase only a flight for Athens.
When you arrive at the Athens Eleftherios-Venizelos Airport, you can reach downtown by train, subway, bus, taxi or car. You will see how huge the city is, spread out over the hills to the city's famous port of Piraeus. However, the historical center of Athens is much smaller.

Athens: flights from Canada

Air France offers daily flights departing from large Canadian cities such as Montreal-Athens or Toronto-Athens with a stopover in Paris. Plan on 14 or 15 hours travel time. There is a seven-hour time difference between Montreal and Athens, and a ten-hour difference for a flight between Vancouver and Athens .
We recommend choosing a flight for Athens in the spring or fall. Summer temperatures can easily reach 40°C and are unbearable. Forest and brush fires are frequent from June to September.
Canadian citizens traveling to Athens, will need a passport which is valid at least three months beyond the expected date of departure from that country. Greece is part of the Schengen area which includes 26 European countries, mainly members of the European Union. The area acts like a single country for travel purposes and your passport will enable you to travel to the 25 other countries with no problem. You do not need a visa if you are going to visit Greece for less than 90 days.

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