Why purchase a flight to Barcelona?

Air France offers daily flights from Montreal to Barcelona, with a stopover in Paris. You may also depart from other large Canadian airports such as Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, etc. with other stopovers. For a flight from Montreal to Barcelona, plan on fifteen hours of travel time with a six-hour time difference.
A flight to Barcelona is well-worth the trip!
The capital of the Catalonia region in Spain has a population of over 1.6 million. It is the second economic center in Spain, after Madrid, the country's capital.
Barcelona is truly an open-air museum with its architecture forever marked by Gaudi's colorful mosaics. Gaudi, a Catalonian native, was the great architect who designed the must-see Sagrada Familia, a gigantic unfinished church, the magnificent Guell Park overlooking the city, as well as benches along some of the city's main streets.
Barcelona is full of charm and you will no doubt be intrigued by the Gothic District with its medieval monuments or perhaps you will prefer the modern appeal of the Eixample District.

Barcelona, a touristic, modern and traditional city

However, you will feel the city's pulse along the Rambla, Barcelona's main avenue that extends to the Mediterranean sea: florists and street artists share the sidewalk, people-watchers sit on café terraces to drink sangria and enjoy tapas, and pickpockets usually find what they are looking for in careless tourists' bags!
If you are hungry, you will not be disappointed in the Boquéria covered market, full of typical colors and tastes. However, if you want to eat a tasty paella, we recommend that you leave the city center in order to avoid "tourist traps".
In short, Barcelona is a lively city that has incredibly developed since the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, symbolizing the new Spain with only fifteen years as a democracy. The Olympic port opened for the occasion, with its restaurants and night clubs on the beach. The Olympic park, located on the Montjuic Hill, is also worth the trip to see its stadium, swimming pools, sports complex, etc.
Generally speaking, Montjuic Hill is quite lush. Catch your breath in a city that lives at 100 km/hour and take a stroll in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona.

Travel to Barcelona: practical information

If you decide to take a cheap flight to Barcelona, the local currency is the euro.
To enter Spain, Canadian citizens need a passport that is valid at least three months beyond the expected date of departure from that country. You do not need a visa unless you are planning to study in Barcelona, or if you plan to stay longer than 90 days on Spanish territory. The same rules apply to all members of the Schengen area, which includes 26 members and acts like a single country for international travel purposes with strengthened external border controls and eliminating internal border controls.
There are quality health services in Barcelona.
If you rent a car
when you arrive in Barcelona, it is strongly recommended to have an international driver's license. Otherwise, you may reach the downtown area from the Barcelona airport by train (fast and comfortable), by bus (convenient and inexpensive) or by taxi. Taxis are yellow and black. Make sure that you check the kilometers to avoid being cheated!

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