Bordeaux, city in the southwest of France

Bordeaux is not only the name of a famous wine. It is also one of France's most beautiful cities, located in the Aquitaine region, in the southwest of the country, the fifth largest city in terms of population with 239,000 inhabitants. Air France also offers many cheap flights from Ottawa to Bordeaux Montreal to Bordeaux, Vancouver to Bordeaux, Calgary to Bordeaux… In short, you can depart from many Canadian airports to go to Bordeaux with all flights including a stopover in either Paris or Amsterdam.
Plan on about ten hours of travel and a six-hour time difference if you leave from the east of Canada, or about twenty hours of travel time and a nine-hour time difference if you leave for example, from the Vancouver Airport.
In Bordeaux, you will land at Mérignac Airport, located 10 km to the west of Bordeaux, where you can take the Jetbus to downtown in 45 minutes. You may also take a taxi. The ride will take about thirty minutes and costs about 30 euros.
To enter France, if you are staying less than three months, you only need a valid passport.
You may also rent a car at the airport. If you decide to rent a car, it is best to have an international driver's license. You may rent a car through one of our partners as well as reserve your hotel in Bordeaux.
In Bordeaux, you may use the tramways and buses; Bordeaux has a large public transportation network.

Bordeaux: culture and heritage

Although Bordeaux has been called "Sleeping Beauty" for a long time, the city has recently come alive since the beautiful bourgeois buildings in the city center were renovated, and the historical center was also put on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2007. Most of the buildings date back to the 18th century.
Let the city charm you, stroll through the city hall neighborhood, as well as the majestic Victoire and Bourse Squares, visit the Girondin Monument, located on the Quinconces Square. See a play, ballet or concert in the Grand Théâtre on the Comédie Square. Discover the Saint-André cathedral, as well as the medieval city gates, such as the Caihau gate.
Take time to shop in the "Golden Triangle", formed by the broad avenues in Old Bordeaux, including the Cours de l'Intendance.
Remember that Bordeaux turns toward its river, the Gironde. The facades of the riverfront buildings are intricately worked. Don't forget to look up!

The vineyards in the Bordeaux region

Of course, Bordeaux is associated with the vineyards that surround the city. Take a flight from Montreal to Bordeaux and discover the best French wines, that you will enjoy with game or foie gras, speciality of southwestern France. In Aquitaine, you can stop in the small village of Saint-Emilion, where the eponymous wine is especially famous.
If you leave Bordeaux, you will have plenty to see and taste! Discover the vineyards that surround Bordeaux, with renowned grapes like merlot, cabernet-sauvignon, muscatel, etc. The Bordeaux region produces one of the best French wines. It is also a beautiful region with large wine-growing estates and the gently flowing Garonne River.
Don't hesitate to travel even further to the thundering waves of the Atlantic Coast and the Arcachon Bay with endless sandy beaches…

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