Flights to Europe

From Canada, Toronto Pearson (YYZ), Montreal P. Trudeau (YUL), Quebec (YQB), OTTAWA (YOW) and Halifax (YHZ) airports offer direct and indirect flights to several cities in Europe. Situated on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Old Continent attracts many visitors in search of authenticity, unfamiliar, picturesque landscapes and culinary specialties.

At the top of the list of best destinations are Europe's largest capital cities, brimming with history and culture. From northern to southern Europe, globetrotters take pleasure in visiting London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Rome or Athens, modern day cities which teem with archeological treasures. Beach lovers too, will be seduced by the cities around the Mediterranean coast, from Malaga to Cyclades, to Marseilles and Naples.

In terms of gastronomy, Europe has a know-how that is well-known around the world: Stollen, Weisswurst and wheat beer in Munich, gourmet restaurants in Paris, the variety of tapas and Iberian hams in Barcelona, pasta and pizza in Rome…

From north to south, the places to visit in Europe

Enjoy the cultural and geographical diversity of Europe with a trip to several country destinations. If you are attracted by the cultures of the North and you loved unspoiled nature, head to Finland, Sweden or Norway. A little further south, Denmark will impress you by the modernity of its cities and the beauty of its many islands.

Travel further on to visit Germany and explore the 'very European city' of Berlin and the Bavarian capital, Munich. From there, you can travel onto Switzerland or France where the stunning landscapes are breathtaking. If you love Latin culture, France is perhaps a good starting destination as you can head towards the Iberian Peninsula in the west or Italy in the east. For a charm-filled break, do not forget other southern Mediterranean countries such as Croatia, Montenegro and Greece.

For nature lovers and amateurs of old buildings, Scotland is the ideal destination! England and Ireland too, will enchant you by their luscious countrysides, as well as their histories, via the mythical and vibrant cities such as London and Dublin.
Make a detour to the Netherlands and Belgium to admire Flemish architecture and travel as far as Poland, Austria or Hungary to stroll along the superb streets of Warsaw, Vienna or Budapest.
Finally, if you are attracted by Slavic culture, head to the Baltic countries, such as Lithuania or journey to the Ukraine or Russia.

When to travel to Europe?

Europe is a destination to be discovered 365 days of the year, depending on what you wish to see and the type of vacation you desire. The area to privilege is the Mediterranean which has exceptional sunshine all year round.
  • Andalusia, Portugal, southern Italy or Corsica are among the destinations that can be visited any time of year, from January to December.
  • During the spring or autumn months, temperatures level off and the landscapes of eastern European countries such as Hungary, Austria and Croatia are splendid.
  • In winter, some European countries have cold and dry winters due to the continental climate. This is the case in Russia and other central European countries, for example. Other western European countries have a milder climate which allows travelers to visit Paris during the end of year festive season or to see the Spree winding between the snow covered streets of the German capital.

If you are planning a trip of several weeks to Europe, you can easily travel from one capital city to another by booking your travel from your city of departure.

Before making your choice, consult the section best offers. You can make the most of special rates to a variety of European cities: Venice, Madrid, Lisbon, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, London, etc.

Whatever your choice of destination, here are some links to help your organize your stay in Europe: