Istanbul, megalopolis that straddles Asia and Europe

Air France offers flights from Canada to Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey (the capital is Ankara), with a population of over 13 million!
Flights depart from Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Toronto, etc. for example, for a flight from Montreal to Istanbul, there is a stopover in Paris or Amsterdam and the trip will take between 13 and 20 hours depending on the connecting flight times. You will land at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, located fifteen km to the west of the city with subway service to the city.
Istanbul is a city with an unusual geographic location, straddling two continents; Europe and Asia. Istanbul is on the Bosporus Straits which divides two parts of the world and connects the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea.
Istanbul has had several names throughout history: Byzantine, from the 7th century BC to 324, then Constantinople, named for Constantine, the Roman emperor from 324 to 1930, when it became Istanbul.
Today Istanbul remains an important center for both the Christian and Muslim religions.

Istanbul: many sites for tourists to visit

The rich history of Istanbul, has placed it on UNESCO's World Heritage list and it is a fabulous city to visit. Built on seven hills, like Rome , Istanbul is a wonderful tangle of small streets, with several large boulevards. The historical center is a combination of Istanbul's different periods and names, with the hippodrome built in 203, during the Roman empire, the blue mosque (built between 1609 and 1616), bearing witness to Muslim presence, as well as the Saint Sophia basilica that has become a museum. You may also imagine what life was like as you visit the Topkapi palace, the former residence of sultans that was built during the 16th century, or learn from the different museums.
Istanbul has many museums which are open every day except Monday, in particular archeological museums.
In addition to the city center, there are other neighborhoods that are worth visiting: the Fatih quarter where the Kariye Museum is located, is one of the major works in Byzantine art. The Golden Horn is a natural port with streets lined with old houses, churches and synagogues. You can also stroll through the Egyptian Bazaar with its spice markets created in 1663, or on Taksim Square, the symbol of 20th century Turkey, with its monument commemorating the war for independence, the opera and large international hotels.

Travel to Istanbul: practical information

Once you have purchased your cheap flight to Istanbul , make sure that your papers are in order. To enter Turkey, all Canadian citizens must have a visa, whether you are traveling as a tourist, student or for business, as well as a passport , that is valid at least six months after the delivery date on the visa.
We recommend that you leave between the months of May and October, when there is less chance of rainfall. The months of May, June and September have especially pleasant temperatures.
The currency in Turkey is the Turkish pound. US dollars, euros and major credit cards are accepted and it is easy to find ATMs.

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