Air France: regular flights to Mauritius Island

Air France and its partners offers reasonably priced flights to Mauritius Island, departing from large Canadian airports: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, etc. Our flights include one or two connections and some of them are handled by our partner companies, such as KLM or Air Mauritius. There is a nine-hour time difference between Montreal and Mauritius Island.
Mauritius Island is located in the southwestern portion of the Indian Ocean, between La Réunion Island and Rodrigues Island. It is part of the Mauritius Republic which also includes Rodrigues Island as well as the Cargados Carajos and Agalega.
Mauritius Island has a population of 1 192 000, and the capital, Port Louis, located in the northwest of Mauritius Island, has a population of 147 000.
Mauritius Island is less rugged than the neighboring island of La Réunion. The highest peak is the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, culminating at 828 meters. The island is of average size with an area of 1865 km².
Temperatures vary between 20° and 35° C. There is more rainfall on the high plateaus in the center of the island than in the coastal regions.
The country has a predominantly agricultural economy; with sugar cane crops as well as a textile industry, and of course, tourism.

Mauritius Island: water, beaches and sports activities

What is there to see in Mauritius Island? Although we first think of its white, sandy beaches and turquoise water, Mauritius Island is also the ideal place for excursions to Tamarin Bay in the southwest of the island, where there is the village of the same name, or to the Chamarel region, located near the National Park between the Rivière Noire and the Morne peninsula, known for its natural attractions such as the water fall and terrain with 7 colors.
Grand Baie is a very popular tourist area in Mauritius Island, with its hotels, restaurants and shops. Cap Malheureux is like a postcard with its red-roofed church. The Domaine des 7 Vallées on the Mare aux Vacaos, located in the center of Mauritius Island, provides an exceptional area for activities such as quad riding, mountain biking or simply hiking.
When on Mauritius Island, you can also make a childhood dream come true: swim with the dolphins.
Of course, you can visit Port Louis, the capital, a cosmopolitan city, and discover the Jummah Mosque and the Saint Louis Cathedral, symbols of the various influences and powers that reigned over Mauritius Island throughout its history. The Mauritius Republic only gained its independence in 1968, after having been a Dutch, French then British colony!

Travel to Mauritius Island: practical information

If you take a flight from Montreal to Mauritius Island , you will land at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, located 48 km southwest of Saint Louis, which can be reached by taxi. Taxis are easy to recognize because they have white license plates with black numbers.
The currency in Mauritius Island, is the Mauritian rupee. You will have no trouble exchanging your Canadian dollars in local banks and exchange offices in all large cities.
Contrary to what everyone thinks, the cost of living is not very high on Mauritius Island. There are reasonably priced accommodations. Don't hesitate to consult our list of partner hotels
To enter Mauritius Island, you will need a passport that is valid at least six months beyond your expected date of departure from that country. Tourists do not need a visa; however, a visa is required for students and business travelers.

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