Make sure you have your test before you travel

Returning to Canada

Effective Thursday, January 7, 2021, 12:01 a.m. EST, mandatory COVID-19 testing and negative results will be required for air travellers flying to Canada from another country.

All air travellers five years of age or older will be required to undergo pre-departure COVID-19 PCR or RT LAMP testing before entering Canada.

The PCR test will need to be taken within 72 hours (more information via TravelDoc below) prior to the traveller’s scheduled flight departure to Canada, and documentation of a negative laboratory test result must be presented to the airline prior to boarding.

Passengers on departure can take an appointment online for Paris-CDG airport and for Paris-Orly airport on the website in one of the laboratories of the Cerballiance network or in an airport screening center. Passengers will be guaranteed a result (in french and english) within 48 hrs for an RT-PCR test.

To fly safely, and if it is possible, we recommend that you come to the airport with your RT-PCR test already done in a laboratory in the city.
Passengers to France  

Antigenic tests are not accepted anymore to France.
  • Passengers aged 11 years or older will be refused boarding if they are not holding a result of a biological examination of virological screening (PCR or LAMP test only) where the test is carried out less than 72 hours before the flight proving that they are free of Covid-19.
  • Passengers must quarantine for 7 days on arrival in France and take a PCR test at the end of the 7 day quarantine period.
  • Passengers travelling for compelling reasons from countries where a PCR test cannot be obtained prior to departure must apply for a consular pass and will be subject to a test on arrival in France.
    These passengers will have to quarantine for 7 days in designated establishments. 

You can find below resources for PCR tests.

in case you do not receive your Negative PCR test results before departure, Air France and KLM allow you to modify your departure date – up to 4 days from original date, free of charge. This change must be made before your original scheduled flight.
For tickets booked via a travel agency, please contact your agency.
For tickets booked with Air France, you can modify via “my bookings” on the website  or by calling us at 1800-667-2747 

Please note:
If you already have an appointment for an antigenic test with one of our partners below, please contact them.
All passengers, including to Africa:

Please note: A majority of countries only accept Covid type PCR tests. Make sure to check the entry requirements in the country of your destination. It is your responsibility to meet these requirements and hold the correct travel documents. In case of non-compliance, you could be denied boarding or could be fined upon arrival at destination.
Entry requirements evolve regularly. 
We recommend that you pay special attention to the date required for this test in order to avoid being denied boarding or being denied entry to your destination.

For more information, please consult the TravelDoc website or our COVID-19 Flash Info page.

To simplify any procedures, in Canada, Air France has set up agreements with various laboratories and clinics to allow their customers to obtain rapid results.

Those tests are for asymptomatic persons only. We recommend that you schedule an appointment in advance (test to be carried out before your departure).

You can find below the list of laboratories or clinics carrying out Covid tests. Those tests are for asymptomatic persons only. We recommend that you schedule an appointment in advance (test to be carried out before your departure).
Contact your insurance. These tests could be reimbursed.

Keep watching this page as it will be regularly updated. 

Kindly note that the list below is provided for information only. Air France declines all responsibility for the conditions and consequences of carrying out the tests. 

Price, result delays and processes vary depending on the laboratory/clinic providing the service.
  • To make your test before departure
  • Price: $250 (including attestation of negative test result). 
  • Timeline : Appointments generally within 48h, depending on availability. It is highly recommended to make an appointment as early as possible. Results normally provided within 2 business days.
  • Several locations : in Greater Montreal area, Lanaudière, Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Mauricie and Quebec.
  • Opening days: Mon-Saturday
  • Process:
    • By phone (dedicated line Air France KLM): 1 877-313-1602 or online: Click here
    • Select test: Screening for COVID-19
    • It is your responsibility to check if you also need a medical certificate in addition to the attestation of Negative Test Result. If that’s the case, click here to fill out a callback request and a service agent will contact you.
    • Select a location and a time slot
    • Confirm your appointment by filling out family name, first name, date of birth, cell phone and email
  • For further details on Covid-19 testing, click here
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  • By appointment only
  • To book your appointment click here
  • Price: enter in the discount code in the ‘redeem coupon” box: AFKLM-SH for $20 off at check out.
  • Timeline: Results in 2 days.
  • Open 7/7 days a week
  • Locations: Several clinics in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Click here for more details
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  • Price: $55 discount with a KLM or Air France ticket for a future date (for further details on current and future fares, contact TravelSafe)
  • Timeline: Guaranteed appointment by 48h (please bring your KLM or Air France ticket when you arrive at the clinic).
  • Results currently 2-3 days.
  • Process:
    • Click here
    • Complete the online booking fields and request appointment
    • You will receive a confirmation email stating the date and time of your appointment and further details
    • Booking can also be done by calling 604. 251-1975 but online portal will allow optimal handling
    • Don’t forget to bring your KLM or Air France ticket when you arrive at the clinic (allowing priority for appointment)
  • Location: 2184 West Broadway, Suite 420, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E1
  • Testing opening days: Monday-Saturday
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For Alberta, all travelers are now directed by Albertan government to Dynalife
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