Air France's Trip and Tree program enables customers to reduce their environmental footprint by supporting certified reforestation projects. In 2020, a project located in Ontario, Canada has been added to the program. This project was fully funded through donations from travelers and partners. A new project has therefore just been launched to follow up on this first plantation carried out in 2020/2021.This project also aims to support Ontario farming families and the planting goal is 3,500 trees.

In collaboration with Pur Projet, Air France aims to support several farm owners in Ontario to restore ecological corridors for local species. In addition to storing carbon, the planted trees will form a windbreak and forest buffer around the farms which supply fresh produce to the region. This reforestation project will also facilitate the transition of these farmers towards organic agriculture. In the long term, the initiative will promote biodiversity and improve soil and water quality.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

SAF is a certified alternative to traditional kerosene. This fuel comes from waste and residues from the circular economy. No modifications to storage and distribution infrastructure, aircraft or engines are required to incorporate SAF, which has the same fuel efficiency as traditional aviation fuel. Depending on the raw material used to produce it, the use of sustainable aviation fuel can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 75%.​ ​

Did you know? On May 18th 2021, Montreal welcomed Air France’s first long-haul flight using sustainable aviation fuel departing from Paris. Its 16% incorporation on this flight avoided the emission of 20 tons of CO2. The sustainable aviation fuel used for this flight was made from used cooking oils.

Fleet renewal

One of the main levers for reducing our environmental footprint is our fleet modernization. The lighter an airplane, the less fuel it consumes. The latest generation aircraft ordered by Air France are made of lighter materials.

For example, compared to previous generations of aircraft, the A350 consumes 25% less fuel (i.e. 2.5 litres per passenger/100 km) thanks to the incorporation of materials which are up to 67% lighter. In addition, its noise footprint is reduced by 40%. This aircraft serves several routes including flights departing from Canada.
The Trip and Tree program gives you the opportunity to donate an amount of your choice to a reforestation project carried out by the association A Tree For You. You can choose the project you wish to support around the world including one project in Canada and track its progress.

​This option is available from the time the ticket is purchased until the time of check-in. ​It is also possible to contribute to the Trip and Tree program at any time, even without an Air France booking, by making a donation directly on the Trip and Tree website.
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With the Air France app, you no longer need to print your travel documents. Find your boarding pass and all the documents or information you need directly in your Air France application! Thanks to real-time notifications, you will be informed of the status of your flight and, on arrival, the app tells you on which belt your checked baggage will be delivered.
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Pack light! Every gram matters when you’re in the air. Reducing the weight of your luggage can help reduce our fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
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