Destination of the Month : TRENDY CITIES

Discover this fantastic cities also known for their famous nightlife!

Dublin :

Caught in a downpour? Take shelter in one of the hundreds of lively pubs scattered around downtown Dublin. Learn about the "joie de vivre" from its witty and charismatic locals. For though the pints at your regular might seem destined for the giants that populate Irish folklore, in Dublin, everyone is welcome at the bar, if they can tell a story. As for Dublin's neighbourhoods, they revolve around three centres—the pub, the church, and the stadium—just like the three-leafed Irish shamrock.


Berlin is constantly bustling with rich cultural activities and a vibrant night life. Everything about the city is different: a bit underground, a bit offbeat, but always chic and unique.


Cosmopolitan vibes with a touch of Catalan culture defines Barcelona. Feast on a mouth-watering traditional paella and sip the night away with a pitcher of sangria.

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