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Beijing: culture and excess

Sprawling megalopolis that reflects modern China, the imperial capital is also the best testimony of a rich past. A trip to Beijing immerses you in the most authentic Chinese culture.

A flight to Beijing is a journey through the history of China, and a quantum leap in a country empowered by its quest for development. From the Ming tombs to the Great Wall through the Summer Palace, everything in Beijing exudes imperialism. The most obvious demonstration of the power of the Ming dynasty is still the Forbidden City. This palace, that spreads over 72 hectares, has no equivalent on the planet. Now a museum, it is open to visits and houses a million pieces – treasures of ancient Chinese civilization.

The Yuan Dynasty was responsible for old Beijing's features, with its narrow alleys, Hutong and its siheyuan, these iconic traditional houses of China. Another inevitable symbol is Tiananmen Square. Spreading over 40 hectares, it remains forever the heart of Beijing. Your Travel Guide in Beijing will recommend the Temple of Heaven, UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the culmination of traditional Chinese architecture, a wonder of realization that invites to fullness and meditation. The mausoleum of President Mao, Beihai Park and lakes, museums or flea market will allow you to soak up the Beijing culture.

A plane ticket to Beijing is also a dive in a city eager to display its ambition and success. The Opera House, the Olympic Stadium (Bird's Nest) and the CCTV Tower testify to its delusions of grandeur ! It must be said that the Great Wall of China set the tone more than 2000 years ago…