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Flight from 8 393 CAD Round trip*

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Flight from 8 393 CAD Round trip*

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China, land of a thousand faces

Take off for an unforgettable trip to the 'middle Kingdom'! A trip to china spells the promise of a guaranteed change of scenery, in the heart of a diverse array of landscapes and sensations. From age old traditions to cutting edge modernity, from the awe-inspiring skyscrapers of Shanghai to the Peking Summer Palace or the Great Wall of China, this destination is both mysterious and multifaceted.

A flight to Beijing will immerse you in a mind boggling metropolis, where avant-garde architecture sits side by side with an ancient heritage. The Forbidden City with its majestic palaces for the emperors of China, is unmissable. Tian’Anmen square or the Temple of Heaven with its rotunda is  also a must-see. To visit a calmer authentic Beijing, stroll around the streets of the Antiques district, or embark upon the discovery of the Lamas temples or the tombs of the Ming dynasty. But a trip to China would not be complete without a visit to the famous great wall which commands exceptional panoramic views over the surrounding areas.

For a completely different atmosphere, a trip to Shanghai will allow you to discover a futuristic city, where the orient meets the west in an explosion of lights and eccentric architecture. The sheer gigantism of China can be measured and observed from Guangzhou to Wuhan, but also the oldest civilisation in the world holds a great wealth of heritage, from the fortified city of Ping Yao to the remains of Xi’an. You will be astounded by its famous terra-cotta army, 6 000 life size cavaliers frozen forever in time.

Escape the big cities and take the pulse of lesser known parts of China: visit Yunnan, the most beautiful province of the country, with its exceptional climate and breathtaking landscapes, from rivers to mountains. For an even more picturesque change of scenery, schedule a visit to the town of Guilin, a beautifully preserved eden worthy of a postcard with its Li river and mysterious caves.