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India, between mysticism and enchantment

India's treasures are countless, from Bollywood-like palaces of Maharajas, to the sacred cows and Hindu temples. This is a fascinating country that requires more than a lifetime to visit. From Delhi located up North, and Mumbai located in the South, a trip to India is a lifetime experience.

Should an Asian country be an invitation to dream, such country would be India. You need a 'rickshaw' to visit Delhi. Among so many places to discover, one may find its old town, the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk and its great mosque, the medieval district of Nizam-ud-Din. Northern India also represents a sunrise on the beautiful and legendary Taj Mahal. India has countless palaces of Maharajas in which you are welcome to stay. Varanasi, the remarkable holy site of Hinduism, welcomes millions of pilgrims every year who all come to wash away their sins in the Gange waters. Close your travel guide to India to immerse yourself in Indian traditions and a fine Bengali cuisine, all of which you can find in the bazaars of Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata. A flight to the Rajasthan region will bring you back to an eternal India placed in a setting worthy of the Tales of the Arabian Nights.

An airline ticket to Mumbai will allow you to visit this must-see city located in South India and filled with neo-Gothic Victorian architecture. You can also enjoy the Portuguese colonial style of Old Goa. Rent a bike and travel through Hampi countryside and its 400 Hindu temples or tone down the pace a little and follow the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, while Kerala is crisscrossed by the backwaters. Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temples carved with Ellora leave you bewildered. One marvels at the multicolored saris of countless pilgrims who enter the Holy City of Puri and becomes totally overwhelmed by the magic of this Bollywood film industry that keeps every Indian daydreaming.

An ashram in the heart of Puducherry finally offers an experience out of the ordinary for travelers in search of themselves.