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Mexico City, an impressive mix of cultures

Get your airline ticket to Mexico in order to get to know the capital, which is as fascinating as it is astonishing. This super-size megalopolis is home to remarkable vestiges as well as an incredibly lively culture !

A flight to Mexico City allows you to take in the show of an immense city that extends more than 60 kilometres north to south and more than 40 kilometres east to west. Its 16 delegations and 300 colonies, or quarters, are at the centre of the unique nature, and richness of the capital of Mexico. The numerous museums of Mexico deserve to be fully savoured – especially the National Museum of Anthropology – considered as one of the most beautiful museums of the world, which constitutes the guardian of Mexican history. It stands very close to the Museo de Arte Moderno and the Museo Tamayo, two other essential sites. Your travel guide of Mexico will draw you towards the first residence of Frida Kahlo, important artist and feminine figure of Mexico.

In order to immerse yourself further in the excitement of Mexico, head for the Zona Rosa and its restaurants and bars, open all night long. On the program: tequila and enchiladas! One celebration not to be missed is the Santa Muerte, immortalised on the big screen by James Bond.

In the Centro Histórico, culture reigns supreme. The Zócalo, or Plaza de la Constitución, the essential Metropolitan Cathedral, the magnificent National Palace or the sublime Templo Mayor are some of the wonders to visit during a stay in Mexico City. This city founded by the Aztecs in the beginning of the 14th Century is full of vestiges and museums that narrate to you, with delight, the history of this Mexican capital. To navigate amidst the floating gardens on the last canals dug by the Aztecs, go to Xochimilco! To discover remarkable pre-Hispanic monuments, leave Mexico City and travel 50 kilometres to Teotihuacan, to visit its pyramids and famous temple Quetzalcoatl.