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Flight from 1 350 CAD Round trip*

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Flight from 1 350 CAD Round trip*

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Senegal, a mosaic of sensation

A holiday in Senegal lets you discover all of Africa’s charm. The warm welcome that awaits you is matched only by the beauty of the breath-taking landscapes.

A flight to Dakar, capital of Senegal, invites you to plunge into the excitement of a cosmopolitan city that evolves to the rhythm of its Plateau and medina, the most vibrant neighbourhoods. Iconic places include the Presidential Palace, the Grand Mosque, the Théodore Monod Museum and the Place de l’Independance. The picturesque markets of Sandaga or Soumbédioune are not to be missed.

The Atlantic Coast is the most popular destination in Senegal. From the village of Cap Skirring to the colonial architecture of St. Louis passing by the sublime Lac Rose, the memorial heritage of the Island of Goree and the seaside resort of Saly, there’s no shortage of unmissable sites during your visit to Senegal.

Teranga offers a whole other experience inland. The holy city of Touba, the Ferlo desert steppesor even the ecosystem of the Casamance you will be immersed the most authentic Senegal. National parks are also plentiful and offer a wild breath-taking sight, like Niokolo-Koba National Park or the National Djoud Bird Sanctuary, third ornithological reserve in the world.

A trip to Senegal is being immersed into a multicultural country. Youssou Ndour songs with traditional dances, under glass paintings to Senegalese wrestling, not to mention the official languages and dialects, Senegal is a permanent artistic symphony. And Senegalese cuisine is no exception! Following cultural divergence, local cuisine has become generous in flavours and fragrances. Thieboudienne, based on rice, fish and assorted vegetables is among renowned dishes, such as mafé or supukanj.