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The futuristic Shanghai

The sweet madness that blows over China comes from Shanghai. The Pearl of the Orient provides a unique experience in the most sophisticated cities of the Middle Kingdom: take a flight to Shanghai to check it out for yourself!

Your stay in Shanghai will immerse you in a city strongly focused on the future. The District of Pudong, which cultivates its resemblance to Manhattan, is the symbol of this flashy and triumphant China reflected by the iconic Pearl Tower! Do not resist the excitement of Nanjing Donglu and its giant screens. You are in the temple of consumption and excess.
Futuristic and frantic megalopolis, Shanghai is the most Westerner of Chinese cities. Climb to the top of the Jin Mao Tower, 100 meters (328 feet) higher than the Eiffel Tower, and look at the most spectacular view on Shanghai, including the skyline of Pudong, a district seven times larger than the Defense in Paris. At nightfall, the shopping artery of Nanjing Donglu reminds of a bubbling and bright Times Square. This pedestrian avenue offers a huge choice of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and trendy places. But when the Chinese futuristic vision meets tradition, it produces a gem of contemporary art such as the Shanghai Opera, an expression of the Wang character, symbol of the junction between the Earth and the Sky.

Book a ticket to Shanghai and allow yourself to get caught up by the poetry of this avant-garde city. The banks of the Huangpu River invite you to wander. The Bund – this long walk at the river's edge – allows you to admire the splendid facades of the Shanghai of the twenties, a reminder of the Chicago of the 1930s with its old buildings. You can enjoy meditation in the Yu Garden and its representation of the world in miniature. Learn the history of deep China before the sublime paintings of the Shanghai museum. With a Shanghai travel guide, you can stroll in the old French concession and its well-preserved charm. The Longtans, these old village lanes, scatter islands of greenery and traditional low houses.